Comprehensive Services to Elevate Your Cycling and Triathlon Journey

At Hawaii Triathlon Center (HTC), we are committed to nurturing the growth of our sport from the grassroots level to professional competition. Our spectrum of services is designed to cater to both youth and adult enthusiasts, offering a range of coaching, fitting, and maintenance services that are essential for achieving your cycling and triathlon goals.

Advanced Bike Fitting

With the aid of our Guru Dynamic Fitting Machine, we offer advanced bike fitting services. Our approach is holistic, combining the expertise of our F.I.S.T. certified fitters with Paul Swift's Bike Fit principles and the theory from the Retul approach. Whether you are getting fitted for a new bike or tweaking the setup of your existing one, our primary goal is to ensure your comfort and efficiency on the saddle, aligning the fitting process with your specific goals.

Service and Maintenance

Trust in your local shop is built on reliable service and maintenance. At HTC, we take pride in having a friendly and knowledgeable service staff ready to offer full service at reasonable rates. We understand the importance of timing and strive to work around your training schedule to ensure your bike is always in peak condition.

Bike Fitting

Our expert team is here to assist you in finding the optimal position on your bicycle, whether you are looking to purchase a new bike or fine-tune the fit of your existing one. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we aim to enhance your cycling experience by ensuring a comfortable and efficient fit.

Test Saddle Program

Choosing the right saddle is crucial for a comfortable ride. Our Test Saddle Program allows you to try different saddles before making a purchase. With our diverse selection, you have the opportunity to find the saddle that fits you perfectly, ensuring many comfortable miles ahead.

Reach out to Hawaii Triathlon Center for any inquiries or to avail any of our services. We are here to support your cycling and triathlon journey every pedal stroke of the way.